Service and Repair

  • Installations
  • Operating System Set-up
  • Operating Enhancements
  • Firewall Security
  • System Updates
  • Virus Removal
  • Computer Cleaning
  • Data Recovery
  • Data Back-up
  • Hard Drive Replacement

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Networking Solutions

  • System Configurations
  • User Configurations
  • Wireless Internet Access
    • Iphones
    • Tablets
    • Laptops
  • VOIP Telephone Adapters
  • Wired Internet
  • Shared Files / Printers
  • Media Center Integration

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Routine Services

Get timely computer system maintenance performed frequently by an experienced technician. We will handle hard drive errors, registry clean-up, firmware and software updates, virus, spyware and malware issues... on a planned schedule.

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Computer System Failure is Inevitable - Top Priority: Protect Your Business

What impact would computer failure have on your business? It's a terrible situation, the inevitable system crash, which can cause major damage to a business; Productivity suffers, valuable data can be lost, but most importantly customer confidence can be destroyed. Some businesses do not ever recover from a system failure due to lack of, or poorly administered protection.

Data Protection

How can you avoid computer failure devastation? Although computer failure may not be avoidable, complete devastation of your busuness can be. It's all about properly setting up security features, maintaining routine procedures and frequent system checks. Strict protocols can help ensure that your business can bounce back quickly and minimize loss.

Maintaining Computer System Security is our Service Expertise

Our top service priority is securing one of the most valuable assets a company owns,... The Data. We implement solid security measures for our own business computers because,... without data there is no business.

Computer System Security
With our computer security service you receive years of experience, up-to-date knowledge and professional skill. Our senior 'Geek Heads' have backgrounds as top-level support technicians, securing and maintaining corporate systems. They understand the tools and procedures required for robust system security.

How Your Computers Can Consistantly Meet Your Demanding Expectations

Can you name an aspect of your business which doesn't rely on the computer? We expect and depend on the computer to manage all of the company data not only with speed but also without fail. Computers are only as good as the components which comprise the system. Of the many system components you can expect failure, even through normal use. You can also count on software needing periodic yet important updates. Less than optimal performance from any of the various components or software can cause loss of productivity.

Computer System Maintenance

Maintaining computer efficiency for maximum productivity requires routine system checks and timely software updates. System neglect will result in down-time. By monitoring your system on a regular basis you can proactivly avoid problems,... and we can help.

Computer Service Advantage Plans - Your Competitive Edge

Some corporations staff full-time technicians to keep business productivity at its highest level. However that's a substantial company expense which can result in profit loss. We have the solution to help you compete.

When it comes to solving your computer problems you have options with Mr Screen JeansTM. We understand that businesses are unique and have different needs, so we've designed service plans to help customers meet their requirements. With our computer maintenance Service Advantage Plans, you're entitled to quality service and flexible solutions with generous savings.

Computer Service Checklist

Your Computer Service Solution...

  • A low flat price for routine services
  • Multiple visits discounts
  • Discount rates for additional services
  • Plan modifications allowed for system changes
  • Locked-in pricing

Flexibility is Characteristic of our Computer Service Solutions

Don't sacrifice quality, or your bottom line when you can sharpen your competitive edge with Mr Screen JeansTM computer services. Ask a computer service representative about your Service Advantage Plan,... Today!

  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Discounted Service Rates
  • Avoid Price Increases

  • Professional
  • Flexible
  • Reliable
  • Economical
  • Service
  • Solutions
Less than Quality Service isn't an Acceptable Solution!

We come with 25+ years experience in the Information Technology field so you can count on reliable, practical computer solutions. From consultations, installations, routine maintenance or periodic repairs to data centers and workstations, our master 'Geek Heads' know IT,... and thrive on IT.

Expect Quality Solutions

You put the 'Customer' in Customer Service!

Whether you need on-site service or pick-up service you can expect exceptional attention with Mr Screen JeansTM working for you.

Computer System Services